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jācapps Wins Clutch Best in Show

In an industry full of one-trick ponies, we are proud to be the Justify of our field. In similar suit to the Triple Crown winner, jācapps has recently been recognized by Clutch as a triple industry leader; a Triple Cache if you will. After careful analysis, the firm published their annual report of identified industry leaders and cited jācapps as not only the #1 company among Detroit app developers but also as titans of web development and UI design. Our leadership seems unbridled as we were also analyzed by Clutch’s sister website, where we similarly earned placement among top app developers in Detroit.
Based in Washington D.C, Clutch provides in-depth insights to aid buyers looking for service providers. Clutch’s research is coupled with independently conducted reviews in which current and former clients have provided their feedback and appreciation.
With the increasing amount of time being spent on mobile apps in lieu of former avenues, we seek to help our clients harness the power apps possess for customer relations. Though we’ve been around close to the same time as the App Store itself, we know in order to create the best apps, we have to be evolving with and educated on how consumers are using mobile apps.
Even after ten years, over 1200 apps built, 28 million downloads, and other countless awards we’re earned on the way, we are most humbled by recognitions earned directly from our clients. To partners past, current, and future – thank you for choosing to grow your company with us and we look forward to creating more seamless experiences for your users in the future.
If you are interest in us, the apps we’ve built, or a product of your own, contact us at or (248) 353-9030

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jācapps Wins Bright Spots Award

Recently, on Thursday, June 14th, our jacapps team attended Corp! Magazines event hosting an awards ceremony honoring Michigan Economic Bright Spots! We have been awarded by Corp! Magazine the Michigan Economic Bright Spots, Small Business Award!

Before we get into the award itself, let me tell you a little bit about our company here at jācapps!
Through current technology, mobile apps can be very versatile solutions, for businesses and consumers alike. Not only do we have over 1100 apps and 10 years in the industry, they go beyond common devices. While many developers focus on iOS and Android applications for mobile phones, we deliver your messagethrough the most-used device in the world. As well as, in the Connected Car, Tablets, Smart Speakers, Smart TVs, Streaming Devices, Wearables, and whatever comes next. Our App Everywhere® suite allows clients to utilize apps in unique ways, as mobile is put to work outside of the consumer sphere.
Over the past 10 years, we have not only doubled our team and office size, where we are also continuing to develop for small and mid-market businesses, we even expanded our industry focus! We moved beyond radio and into the healthcare and construction industry! 
Through our expansions as a team and as a company we have grown in talent and economically. Which got us recognized by Corp! Magazine! They are honoring the companies that have continued to thrive in economic growth, expansion and hiring Michigan’s brightest talent. We are honored to be recognized by Corp! Magazine multiple times and appreciate and enjoy all of the award ceremonies we have attended!
Not only do we want to congratulate our team, we would like to notice and congratulate the other businesses who were also awarded in the same category! We were awarded the Small Business Award along side numerous outstanding businesses, such as; Charity Voice, InsITe Business Solutions, Inc., Goldfish Swim School Franchising, LLC, Simplify Healthcare, Blackford Capital, Tech Defenders, Brooklyn Outdoor, and many more!

Thank you Corp! Magazine for honoring businesses from all over and hosting a unforgettable awards ceremony!
If you are interest in us, the apps we’ve built, or a product of your own, contact us at or (248) 353-9030

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Do You Think Mobile Advertising Is Hot?

Did you know… Mobile Advertising is expanding greatly in small businesses?
In recent studies, we see how the mobile industry is expanding from traditional media companies to small businesses. Radio, television and newspaper companies are increasing their spending and options on the fast growing ad channel. However, through the expansion of spending the majority of these budgets will be mobile pure-play companies.
Through research from BIA LMC survey report and Inside Radio, it is shown that 56.5%, nearly six in ten small businesses are using advertising through mobile, where just 2 years ago we were only at 22.9% of small businesses.
Local advertising on mobile devices sold by pure-play mobile providers will hit $19 billion this year, according to BIA. If you take a look at the $3.1 billion being sold by traditional media companies and the 2018 local mobile total tops out at $22.1 billion. BIA forecasts and predicts hat figure will grow to $38.7 billion in 2022.
Does your media company provide mobile advertising options for clients? If you need help with a mobile media app contact our sales team at .

Check out this chart below to see the location-targeted mobile ad spend from 2017 to 2022!

Taking what we can see about mobile and how quickly it is expanding in the media advertising channels, we can take a look at how it will impact the radio industry and mobile advertising. Inside Radio touches on how digital radio execs and mobile technology providers agree that radio apps are now full of advanced features in order to help advertisers.
Small business advertisers like the reach of mobile, as well as its customer and location-based targeting capabilities, BIA touches on how not only are small businesses increasing their use of mobile, but how they are increasing their spend on the channel itself. Mark Fratrick, Chief Economist and SVP, BIA Advisory Services states, “The most rapidly growing media channel for local advertising is mobile, followed by desktop advertising.”
With that being said, we can see that mobile is opening up the opportunity to expand investments in mobile apps as well as websites. This is because of the advanced technology features that we have today, which allows broadcasters to deliver more targeted ad opportunities. Having these opportunities companies helps better compete in the red-hot mobile ad space.
For example, check out some of our mobile media apps here.

Fratrick also states, “Mobile has become a preferred platform for the advertising dollar because of its ability to capture audiences of all ages based precisely on where they are and what they are doing, at any given moment.”
Through the apps and new technology features, the radio industry especially can deliver mobile ads targeted by location, demographics such as gender and age, and behavioral and contextual targets. As well as, the advancements such as capturing device IDs and gathering information on users from registration, radio stations can direct ads a more specific target audience.
Overall, the next-generation mobile apps are offer major possibilities and advertising advancements. As Inside Radio shares, “Using data from the apps, radio sales execs can go after new clients and also prove out to existing clients where they should direct more ad dollars. Stations can also sell local businesses on sponsoring sections of the app, such as push notifications with sponsored content or even branded digital exclusive audio streams.”
Click here to check out Inside Radio and more about how mobile advertising is changing in the radio industry!
If you are interested in us, working with mobile, the apps we’ve built, or a product of your own, contact us at or (248) 353-9030.

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5 Things All Businesses Need to Know About Mobile

Recently, our President, Paul Jacobs and our COO, Bob Kernen spoke at Better Business Bureau in Southfield, Michigan. During this event Paul and Bob gave insight on the 5 Things All Businesses Need to Know About Mobile. Because of mobile usage, our culture has permanently changed in countless ways.
Before looking into the important things to know about mobile, check out this video below showing the things the iPhone helped destroy!

Well, now that we can see how the iPhone and apps have proven to be helpful in every way.. lets take a look at the 5 important things all businesses need to remember and learn when dealing with mobile!

Thing 1: The smartphone is King

“There’s an app for that!” App transformed the smartphone into a phenomenon. Owning a smartphone is becoming more common every day. Smartphones are always with you…people even sleep with them!
When apple launched the App Store the world changed. Showing that since 2016, mobile takes over desktop showing that 63% of internet usage is on mobile devices. However, only 10% of time is spent on smartphones is on mobile websites. And this is where we see how apps rule; 90% of time spent on smartphones is spent on mobile apps!
With that being said, smartphone is king by being the most valuable real estate a marketer can have. Where all companies can participate, and being a limited barrier to entry.

Thing 2: What is an app?

Alright, so lets talk basics… what is an app exactly? The basic definition of an app is that an app is self-contained piece of software designed to serve a discreet function and work on a specific type or types of devices. So, we can see that an app isn’t a website on your phone!
So, what is the purpose for an app? It’s purpose build software that leverages the power of the smartphone. While bringing us location awareness, phone/email/text integration, part of the purchase function.
Not only are apps easy to use, apps are easy to get! Users get apps in the two major apps stores; Google play and iTunes AppStore.

Think 3: What does a developer do?

Here are jācapps, we have a complexed development process in order to satisfy and help our clients succeed with their new apps!
Our development process goes through 4 steps…
Discover, design, develop and deploy: 

  1. Discover:
    • We discover where your app will take root and draw inspiration from our conversations with you to brainstorm the ideas and discuss the requirements that are needed for development.
  2. Design:
    • Once a concept has been approved, we combine skills and strategy to make sure your apps look great and are easy to use.
  3. Develop:
    • After you’ve approved our specification document, our in-house development team gets to work. This phrase culminates with rigorous QA testing.
  4. Deploy:
    • We submit your apps to their respective stores and watch the download numbers skyrocket! But we don’t stop there… we provide ongoing maintenance and upgrades to ensure compatibility with new devices and iOS versions as they become available.

Click here to see more of what we do!


Thing 4: What apps can do

Apps are on more than just your mobile devices. jācapps app everywhere communicates across all devices! Through mobile phones, connected car, smart TVs, smart speakers, tablets, and wearables.

Let’s take a look at some of our clients and the apps that have been created for them!

  •  Dr. Nandi’s Health Hero
    • Dr. Nandi wanted to create a resource that is reachable anywhere and anytime for the individuals who are changing their lives to make health #1 priority! He wanted individuals to have access to health & wellness tips, research, cookbooks, answers to questions, and help meet each individual need, throughout their health & wellness journey.
    • Our team created an app that is designed to:
      • Receive simple and powerful daily health and wellness tipsProvide a full library of books on topics from Beating IBS Naturally to Organic Living to Living Gluten-Free and more.
      • Provide a monthly Health Hero Magazine with articles on the latest research in health and wellness, interviews with thought leaders and industry experts.
      • Provide an exclusive link to the Health Hero Superfoods Cookbook
      • Provide the “Calming The Chaos” 7-day audio program- Dr. Nandi’s foolproof formula to kill daily stress in minutes.
      • Supply a private, member-only Health Hero Facebook Group where Dr. Nandi delivers health and wellness information, answers member questions, hosts Facebook live segments and more.
  • Lawyers Mutual (LMIC)
    • LMIC wanted to get text and video content to their clients in the easiest to use way to certify that those clients received that content and information. As well as, verifying that the information was understood in order to providecertification.
    • Our team created an app that allows the users to log-in and see the content that they needed to review in order to get their continuing education credits and other certifications.
    • Using this app, users can:
      • Easily log-in, watch a video or read a PDF, and take a short quiz. All of this engagement is recorded and credited to the user toward their continuing education requirements.
      • This app is unique in that it puts content that usually has to be consumed in front of a desktop environment and puts it in a place where users can easily get to it and use it in the place and time that bests suits their busy schedules.
      • For LMIC, it provides a competitive differentiator and a way to have a closer relationship with their clients by providing many more touch points with that client.

Click here to check out some more of our work!

Thing 5: Marketing your App

Our work with you does not end at the sale. We will continue to market your app through database, website, social media, advertising, and signage!
When dealing with the database, we will use your company’s database to create messages to your clients about the benefits and how easy it is to get your product. While through your website, we will create a page on your site that shows users how to get the app and how to use it.
But, we don’t stop there we will advertise your products through social media and signage by talking about your new app in regular posts and create signage for your retail locations that helps show off your new app and all the benefits it has for your customers!
Click here to check out more of who we are! 
If you are interest in us, the apps we’ve built,  or a product of your own, contact us at or (248) 353-9030