It’s Going to Be an ‘Appy Christmas for Retailers

The impact of the Coronavirus continues to resonate with the way consumers are going to interact with businesses, especially this holiday season.  By all indications, shoppers are moving rapidly toward online shopping via mobile apps and eCommerce platforms.  While this presents challenges, it also creates opportunities – those retailers that invest in online and mobile solutions will have a distinct advantage over their competition, and put themselves in position to have an “Appy” Christmas.

A recent research report released from Field Agent:  “An Omnichannel Christmas:  2020 Holiday Insights Report,” finds a rapid shift away from in-store shopping as consumers opt for the safety and convenience of shopping from home.

Plus, most experts believe this isn’t a one-year event.  It’s highly likely the pandemic – even when it abates – will permanently change shopping behaviors, so an investment in online shopping solutions is a long-term investment that will pay dividends for years to come.

Here are two facts that jump off the page from the Field Agent study:

When asked how likely they are to buy gifts online/in-app this holiday season, over eight-in-ten (82%) say they are completely or very likely to shop this way:

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There are also clear benefits for businesses to have their own branded mobile app.  We have long felt getting presence on the screen of a consumer’s most important device that never leaves their side, and this study verifies it.  When asked how likely they are to use retailer-specific mobile apps to buy gifts online/in-app on retailer-specific mobile apps this holiday season, almost two-thirds (65%) completely or very likely say they will shop in this fashion:


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The good news for local merchants is that consumers are committed to spending part of their holiday budget close to home. For this reason, merchants need to be prepared with things like appointment shopping and curb-side pick-up.

COVID-19 has changed all aspects of our lives, but it’s not a complicated process for businesses to quickly adapt.  Developing a mobile solution isn’t complex, and today, it’s as important as having a website – maybe even more.

Learn more about the 2020 holiday shopping season and how your town can leverage mobile technology by watching our Webinar Here.