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How Much Time Spent on Mobile Devices is Spent in Apps?

In the early days of developing mobile apps, we were frequently asked if we thought it was going to become a big space, or if it was just a fad.  Even then, we were bullish on the space, and our response was simple:  “1% of companies and organizations currently have an app, and 99% are going to eventually have one.”

Our calculus was simple – smartphones were hot, and apps were an outstanding way of obtaining space on “beachfront property” – the screen of the one device people couldn’t put down.

A dozen years later, that prediction has borne itself out.  Not only do consumers use their phone for everything, but a recent study by Comscore finds that eight out of every ten digital minutes (79%) in the United States are spent on mobile devices, and among those people nearly 9 in 10 (88%) spend their time using mobile apps.

What’s surprising to us is that more companies and organizations haven’t invested in a mobile strategy that includes an app.  Sure, many use the mobile web, but when only 12% of time spent on a smartphone isn’t via an app, why would you fish in such a shallow pond?

We believe 2021 is going to be the year of mobile apps.  During the pandemic, new trends emerged (curbside, contactless), and others accelerated (working from home, online shopping) the result being that consumers have changed their personal and professional shopping, searching, and buying behaviors. We believe these habits will remain long after the vaccine takes hold and we return to what will be a very new “normal.”  Having a sound mobile strategy is no longer optional and that includes an app that is now an essential part of any businesses overall customer strategy.

It’s no longer “should we have an app,” but rather, “how soon can we get one?”

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Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Web: No Contest

As mobile app developers, we are frequently asked by clients why they need to invest in a native mobile app since they can build a mobile web page for a much lower cost. We always respond with the same rationale: the power of having an icon on the smartphone’s screen, a device that never leaves their side, the ability to leverage the native functionality of the smartphone (location, phone, push messaging), and being confident in a user experience tailored to the device make this an easy decision.

Now, we develop mobile apps, so we realize some are suspect about our agenda when we make the case for them. So, the decisive factor comes to us from a recent study from eMarketer, who provides the ultimate reason why businesses must invest in a mobile app if they truly want to have a successful mobile strategy:

Americans spend 88% of the time on their phones with mobile apps

Not only do apps crush the mobile web with time spent, that number is actually growing. This trend has been happening for the past 5 years, and each year apps win an increasingly lopsided victory. The mobile web is still important – but primarily for what we refer to as “The Two S’s:” searching and sampling. When the user is ready to commit, to buy, to enter into that relationship, they want your app!

A mobile app ensures your best customers have instant access to your brand, your content and the easiest way possible to engage with you. It also gives you a way to have a one-to-one relationship with those users, a way to know them, and serve them as the crucial customers they are.

Consumer expectations for brand interactions have never been higher, and the native mobile app makes it easy for your company to meet (and exceed) those expectations and deliver on the promise of your product. As the most-used device in almost all of our lives, the mobile platform enables you to develop a deep and lasting relationship with your customers in a way that a simple website simply cannot. When realized in an app, your product or service becomes a “tool” just like the camera or text in the user’s device. It’s a sure way to lock yourself in (and your competitors out).

Budget considerations are important, but so is ensuring your mobile investment is effective, especially during challenging economic times, when retaining each customer is imperative, the mobile app can create that bond. Our advice: if you’re going to invest in a mobile strategy, make sure your brand is front and center and has the best possible chance of succeeding.

It’s a safe bet.

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jācapps Named a Top Detroit Developer by Clutch

At jācapps we are inspired by the rapidly changing ecosystem of digital technology. This constant state of flux motivates us to be the top provider of innovative development products and apps that give our customers the best app in the market. Since our founding in 2008, we have adapted our techniques to incorporate the newest and most effective technologies so that your firm can focus on its bottom line, reaping all the benefits of your investment in us.
Our team works around the clock to make sure that we provide nothing less than exceptional service for our clients and we are proud to announce that our work has been recognized; we have been selected as a 2019 Leading Developer in Detroit by Clutch! A central piece in the ever-growing tech industry, Clutch is a web service provider and reviews platform that facilitates connections and disseminates information between firms seeking service providers, such as development firms like us and firms providing specific services such as Video Production or Social Media Marketing.

We are very excited to be included in this report as a result of our versatile expertise. In fact, we are featured among the leading UX design agencies in Detroit for 2019 and we view this as a testament to our ability to successfully deliver both well designed and developed products. Clutch rigorously evaluates firms before profiling them on their website and we were selected for this recognition based on our firm’s outstanding ability to deliver, our remarkable client satisfaction, and our overall brand strength. You can read our reviews on our Clutch Profile.
In addition to our presence on Clutch, our positive reviews have also led to our inclusion on The Manifest and Visual Objects, two of Clutch’s sister sites that provide additional resources and information for companies seeking solutions to their business problems. We have been named among the top mobile app development companies by The Manifest, a useful site that provides how-to-guides and valuable information for companies navigating the buyer’s journey. We are also excited to share our feature on Visual Objects- an innovative digital portfolio website, where we have been named among other top app developers.
Overall, we would like to thank our team here at jācapps for dedicating their time and efforts to helping us become a 2019 Clutch Leading Developer in Detroit. We remain dedicated to our pursuit of innovation and to pushing the barriers of technological development in the modern age. We look forward to the new projects we will undertake in the years to come and we are always here for your firm’s development needs!

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Connect with us at the CAM Tradeshow 2019!

Michigan Construction & Design Tradeshow 2019 hosted by CAM kicks off for a one-day conference on Tuesday, February 5th, and jācapps will be there to present and talk to you about taking your construction company mobile. In addition to the event’s productive networking, jācapps will hosting a workshop from 9:15am – 10:15am in one of the boardrooms!
Register today for our hour workshop where our COO, Bob Kernen will be discussing how construction businesses can leverage the ubiquity of smartphones to make their projects more efficient and profitable!


Construction In The Mobile World

Mobile apps are building the future and we are looking forward to this opportunity to meet local construction company owners, contractors, suppliers, architects, engineers and others to help take your companies mobile.
In the construction industry, where so many people do their jobs outside of a traditional office, whether it is training a mobile workforce, strengthening your safety procedures, and/or tracking your materials, mobile can make life a lot easier for communication and management. Mobile apps enhance communication, productivity, and transform bottom-line goals into reality across your project lifecycle. 
Here’s how:

  • Real-time logistics updates
  • Improved staff accountability
  • Easy, accurate document retrieval

But that’s not all, mobile construction apps have unlimited uses, such as:

  • Project management and productivity
  • Daily reporting and time entry
  • On-site photography and video
  • Safety trainings and monitoring

Mobile is the ultimate high-tech hand tool giving your projects a strong foundation. These are just a few of the ways our mobile solutions have helped clients succeed. We help clients differentiate themselves with complete custom solutions.
Don’t forget to register for our workshop and stop by booth 308 to learn more about how mobile strategy can impact your business! You will also get the chance to enter to win a FREE Amazon Alexa Echo Dot!
We look forward to seeing you at CAM’s Tradeshow 2019!
Register Here
If you are interested in expanding a mobile presence to support your business, contact us at or 248-353-9030

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How Mobile Apps Have Changed the Restaurant Industry

Each and every day more and more restaurants are using mobile apps to streamline delivery and add value to their brand. Thanks to mobile, people have a new way to interact with getting their food. Whether users are on the go or ordering from home, everything they could ever need is right at the tips of their fingers.
So, what exactly can restaurant mobile apps do? Here are some features of restaurant mobile apps that have forever changed the restaurant industry:
Food On-Demand

  • On-demand food delivery features have become popular as more consumers either don’t have time or prefer not to cook at home. While these services lead to fewer customers in the physical location, the ease of ordering online makes up the difference in additional orders.

Advanced Booking & Reservations

  • Reservation features aim to reduce the amount of time that customers have to wait when dining out. These apps put customers in line, so they can arrive later and still be seated at the same time as if they had arrived earlier.

Ratings & Reviews

  • For better or for worse, review features make a serious impact on restaurants. Allowing people to submit reviews may attract more customers to your business. Your restaurant will not only become better known, but also allow you to showcase your service, food, beverages, and atmosphere.
  • This also allows for restaurants to make changes to their business in order to meet customer needs.


  • Having a discount feature to your app makes it easier for customers to dine on a budget. These features work with restaurants to bring in new business by offering discounts on products in the establishment. Certain deals can be selective, which allows customers to use different items and choose their discounts.

The restaurant industry has been forever changed by mobile apps. Restaurant apps adding value to the food-buying process and will continue to benefit restaurants and their customers.
jācapps custom restaurant apps can support these efforts and so much more. If you are interested in expanding a mobile presence to support your business, contact us at or 248-353-9030

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How Apps Can Boost Auto Dealer Revenue

Buying a vehicle is a high-risk investment that used to include a large amount of on-foot research, visiting dealerships, consulting with sales reps even before the difficult and complex  purchase experience. But what if all the necessary information needed to purchase a car was in one spot … right in your hand? 74% of American adults own a smartphone so the best way to improve the auto dealer experience is through mobile apps.
A study by DME Automotive showed that vehicle buyers who use a branded app were 73% more likely to buy from the dealership. But it doesn’t stop there … even after making a purchase, research shows that 25% more service appointments were booked compared to shoppers without an app. We can also see that these app users are spending more money than non-app users when purchasing a vehicle — 7% more according to a study commissioned by
Did you know that, auto buyers who use mobile are 72% more likely to repeat visits to the dealership?  Customers use apps to seek out competitive inventory, pricing, dealer information and payment options.
Mobile apps have changed the way dealerships are exceeding the expectations of car buyers who do online research before coming into the dealerships. But, according to a study by Google and Ipsos, 90% of smartphone users are not absolutely certain of which specific brand they want to buy when they begin looking for information online.
Although, the basic principles of buying/selling a car have not changed, mobile users have access to learn more about inventory, prices, reviews, etc. before going into the dealerships. This can help save customers time and money by being more prepared a knowledgeable when it comes to purchasing a car.
Following up with your customers after the day of the sale is just as important as the actual sale. Mobile apps allow you to keep your customers engaged at every stage of the purchase process.
Doing follow-up during the decision-making process can improve the chances that the customer will return to the dealership. And follow-ups after the sale have been proven to increase customer loyalty and can increase referrals.
The service department generates the dealership’s highest profit margins. Dealership-branded mobile apps allow dealerships to bring customers back again and again. Also, customers who use the dealership mobile apps are 25% more likely to make service appointments over customers who do not download the dealer’s app.
According to study results for DMEautomotive, car owners are spending more money on servicing their vehicles than ever before. Dealers without an app are missing out on a huge opportunity to generate more revenue through the service department.
Here are some examples of what dealer-branded apps can enable customers to:

  • View service hours
  • Book service appointments in minutes
  • Pay repair orders
  • Consult with dealer staff on services through chat functionality
  • Save phone call, text, and email history
  • Update service profiles with every visit.

Overall, mobile offers your dealership a chance to engage with your customers and turn them into brand loyalists who will always refer your business to others. If you are interested in us, the apps we’ve built, or a product of your own, contact us at or (248) 353-9030

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Recap of Small Talk with Mark Lee Interviewing our President Paul Jacobs

Recently, our very own Paul Jacobs was on Small Talk with Mark Lee. Small Talk comes from the Lee Group, MI LLC – Integrated Marketing Solutions. Lee helps companies develop branding and re-branding strategies to produce positive relationships with consumers, which bring measurable results. Lee was interested in jācapps and had the chance to see what our mobile app development company is all about.
After hearing the background about our company, Lee had a few questions about us. Let’s take a look at some of the key takeaways from the interview:

What is the biggest hesitation for a business when creating an app?

Paul responded that, “a lot of businesses have lack of knowledge about what mobile apps truly are. Our approach is to explain to our clients that you aren’t buying a piece of software – you are buying a mobile solution. It is important to find out what exactly the client needs, what problem they are having and work with them to create a solution. This is where you build trust with the clients and work with them as a consultant.”

Why does a business need an app?

Jacobs expands on the idea about smartphones are within everyone’s reach. “It is right in their purse or right in their pockets – everyone is carrying one. Therefore, the opportunity to be able to communicate to your consumers or business to business is huge.
Another key reason a business needs an app has to do with push messaging. If your user opts in to push messaging it allows the company to efficiently push messages out to those users. These messages can include sales, something that is new that your users need to check out, reminders, and so much more. Push notifications enhance two-way communication and is a powerful business tool.”

What criteria do I need to use to select a mobile app development company?

Paul says, “It is important that your company work with a developer who has full end-to-end for design, testing, new development ideas, etc. Someone who really understands everything, including getting the app into the app store.
You also want to consider the type of developers within that company. You want your developers to be flexible, treat you like a partner and not a client, and you want to be provided with case studies to see what their previous results have been.”

What is the process of creating an app?

Our process consists of four steps; discover, design, develop and deploy.
Discover – this is where your app takes shape. We draw inspiration from our conversations with you to brainstorm ideas and discuss the requirements needed for development.
Design – once a concept has been approved, we combine skills and strategy to make sure your apps look great and are easy to use. Our progress will be presented to you in the form of a specification document.
Develop – after you’ve approved the specification document, our in-house development team gets to work. This phase culminates with rigorous QA testing.
Deploy – we submit your apps to their respective stores! But we don’t stop there. We keep a lookout for issues and help you navigate new devices and OS versions as they become available.

What is the timeframe for app development?

The timeframe will differ from app to app but the average is from 10-12 weeks from beginning to end. Six to eight weeks of this time is for development. Additionally, our clients are able to download this app before the app goes live so they can tweak and test it before it is published. However, even when the app is finished it can still be adjusted.

Looking to 2019 and the next 5 years – what is the next big idea?

Jacobs explained that the next big idea is voice activated apps. “Right now you have to touch your screens for everything, but soon you will be able to talk to your phone. For example without hitting the app you can just say ‘play stream’ and your music will play.
Another thing that we have here at jācapps is called App Everywhere. Apps are not just on your phones, they are on connected cars, smart TVs, smart speakers, tablets, wearables – and soon there will be more apps created for these devices. Overall, apps are moving beyond just the mobile phone.”
To hear more of the interview with Mark Lee and Paul Jacobs – Listen to the interview here.
jācapps custom apps can support these efforts and so much more. If you are interested in creating a mobile presence to support your business, contact us at or 248-353-9030

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How Radio Stations Are Killing It with Engagement

Customer engagement is one of the most important indicators when evaluating the success of a mobile app.
So, what exactly are radio stations doing today who are already killing it with user engagement?! KSGN 89.7 Family Friendly Radio, Go Media Radio, and The House FM use some unique features that are taking engagement to another level. Here are some of the ways these radio stations are both keeping and gaining users: 

Live Streaming

This one’s obvious, but SO powerful. Live streaming allows listeners to listen to their favorite radio stations whenever and wherever they are! Listeners love the portability of mobile apps.

Event Calendars

Calendars that list local events and festivals are a huge hit for station listeners. It encourages involvement in your app and allows listeners to access both local events and important tune in dates for artist interviews, live podcasts, and more!


Having a place on your app that involves contests also drives consumer engagement!  This allows customers to become better aware of different contests, and it provides a direct link to your station’s website for instructions to enter the contest or when to listen to the radio for certain winning opportunities!
Radio Apps

Latest News

Being on the go and staying up to date on the latest news can be challenging for a lot of listeners. They may want to know the latest local news, or news about album releases, celebrity updates, upcoming concerts, etc. Your app can allow your users to access information whenever and wherever they are!

On Demand Content (podcasts)

Most podcast listening is done on users’ mobile devices. So be sure that your on-demand content is there, so listeners can hear the morning show they missed, or better yet, original content created by your station staff.

Open Mic

Your relationship with your listeners doesn’t have to be a one-way street. Using this feature, they can easily send audio, video and photos back to you. Take requests through your app, or better manage listener call-ins. For the user it’s just a couple of easy taps. For you, it’s a way to bring your listeners into your programming.

Push Notifications

Having push notifications prohibits your users from missing out on the biggest announcements. These push notifications remind your users about upcoming events, podcasts, music releases, or contests, without even opening the app.

All of these features allow radio stations to rock engagement strategies. These features allow users to have the opportunity to do more than just listen to music. It allows them to be a part of the radio station. Encouraging your users to be me more involved than just listening to music will drive your app usage through the roof!
jācapps custom apps can support these efforts and much more. If you are interested in exploring a mobile strategy to support your business, contact us at or 248-353-9030.

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Driving Employee Engagement in the Construction Industries

Employee engagement is key to a successful business. Contractors need to take action to be sure that their professionals are committed to, and care about their business’ success. Engaged employees drive their company to reach its objectives. So, how can construction companies develop this level of enthusiasm among their employees?
Research shows that in the construction industry, momentum in employee engagement can be built through mobile! Sampson Construction launched SampsonHub in 2017, which is an employee app that better connects the company and its employees. The SampsonHub app reaches more than 80 percent of their employees with communications every day. Additionally, SAK Construction launched their employee app, SAK Pipeline, last year with similar adoption results. They reached more than 80 percent of their workers in four different regional locations, as well as crews on sites throughout the country.
So, how do these apps work and drive employee engagement?

Here are five ways to connect your construction workforce:

Safety Resources

Employees can submit forms to evaluate potential hazards on the job through the mobile app. Crews can go into the app to see not only the latest notification, but also to look through a library of job hazards and safety procedures, including video. This is beneficial because employees can access safety information at any given time. The manager can access the recaps of on-site reviews with the crews. Most importantly, if a crew member needs a question answered regarding safety, they can easily access a list of safety managers and their contact info right away.

Emergency Notifications

Construction employee apps can allow companies to push out emergency notifications. For example, a notification can be sent if there is bad weather or to let the team know of an incident or injury. Construction apps also push out safety alerts following incident reports to make crews aware of them, whether it’s something that happened within the company or even within the industry

Safety Awareness Campaigns

Safety awareness campaigns get messages out to construction crews on a daily basis. They can display real reasons why working safe is so important by sharing these images throughout job sites and offices, so they can be remembered!

Operations – Training Programs

Construction employee apps can offer various training courses. This can include the option for employees to have their own login ID and password, so they have the ability to see which courses have been taken, and which need to be done. This will help not only the employees stay on top of their trainings and education, but it will allow management to keep track of each employee’s progress.

Resource management

Apps can even help companies assign workers to the proper projects and keep track of their time spent on those job sites. With geo-location it becomes easy to know who is where, and redeploy them if necessary to new projects.
These employee focused apps can drive employee engagement through the roof! By having safety tips, emergency notifications, safety awareness campaigns, and training programs right in the palm of your hands, it will allow the employees in the construction industries to feel safe and heard.
jācapps custom construction apps can support these efforts and so much more. If you are interested in creating a mobile presence to support your business, contact us at or 248-353-9030

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Tips to Evaluate Mobile App Developers for your Company's App

Do you have a new idea for a mobile app to improve your business’ efficiency and increase ROI?! Do you have a successful business that could benefit from more streamlined customer service or product processes?!
If so, you need a great team to create the best possible mobile app! How do you know what mobile app development company to choose? Here are some criteria to evaluate mobile application companies for your company’s app:

End-to-End Services

It is important that the company you choose offers full service – inclusive of strategy, design, development, and post-launch maintenance. Here at jācapps, we use a 4-step process to make your app and experience the best it can be. We discover, design, develop, and deploy. This full-cycle process includes:

  • Discovery: This starts with understanding the problem you need to solve and understanding where your app will take root, then brainstorming the best solution.
  • Design: Make sure your app looks great, with solid aesthetics and ease-of-use in mind. Make sure your app designer keeps the big picture in mind, so that your app functions well and looks beautiful.
  • Development: Your developer should work from a complete and accurate specification document that describes perfectly how your app should work.
  • Deployment: Rigorous QA testing should happen throughout the development process, but final testing should make you confident that your app will work flawlessly for your users. And finally, the submission of your app and its app store presence should be done with complete professionalism and confidence.

This type of process will ensure that you receive a top-notch app.
But the best developers don’t stop there – they keep a look out for rare potential problems and help you navigate new devices and OS versions as they become available.

Design and Development Tailored to Your Needs

You may already have detailed documents that state how you want your app to work. You may just be looking for a company who can just oversee your plans, assist in UI/UX design and the development of the app. Or, you might simply have a business problem and are looking at mobile for a solution! The best firms offer flexibility. You can get as much or as little help as you need. For projects that are less planned out from the start, a product development specialist, along with a UI/UX designer will be necessary for the project! Having both allows you to design and develop your app to the best possible outcome. If your team is well staffed, your development firm should be able to leverage your internal expertise to save you time and money.

Comparison Shopping

There are lots of app development companies. Review your candidates’ past client work and case studies. It is also beneficial to determine how, and how much you will communicate with your provider. Do you want a team that is local? Do you require any special technology expertise? There are many factors to consider when selecting a mobile partner.

Get Buy-In Across Your Company

After you have narrowed down your options – it is important that you share your plan and vision for your mobile app. You’ll avoid a lot of downstream headaches if everyone on your team is on the same page and shares your vision.

Partner Mentality

Developing your app requires a multitude of resources beyond the idea. It requires market research, extensive documentation, designers and developers. If you are researching a mobile app development company to bring your idea to life, look for more than a vendor. You want a company that will partner with you over the long term as your needs and your app evolves.
Take these tips into consideration to help you evaluate the right mobile development company for your mobile project!
jācapps custom apps can support these efforts and much more. If you are interested in exploring a mobile strategy to support your business, contact us at or 248-353-9030