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Push Messaging: Before you hit send

Push messages can be one of the most beneficial elements to your mobile app, but you need to make sure you are creating and checking them correctly! Remember, you are interrupting someone with your message, so you need to make sure that you aren’t making any mistakes.
Here are a few common mistakes we have found in push messages that you should double check and avoid.

Sending too many messages

The main thing to remember, don’t get carried away and start sending too many messages – you don’t want to spam your users, this will push them away.

Messages with typos

Remember to proof read your messages! Make sure it is correct, the details are accurate and there aren’t any typos. It won’t enhance your user’s feelings about the brand or the message.

Vague call to action

Make sure your call to action is clear and compelling. A vague call to action is not going to get the click that you are hoping for.

Message isn’t relevant to the people you are sending it to

Make sure your message is relevant to your audience, this is very important in order to get the successful click rate. One thing we offer is creation of topics. We can create topics that your users can decide what type of messages they would like to opt-in to, therefore, you will be able to reach the right people for the right reasons. This is an important technique because when people get messages that are not relevant to them, your push messages will not be successful.
It is important to keep all four of these mistakes in mind when you are creating your push messages, in order to have that successful click rate! Check out our Push Messaging 101 Webinar for more information and contact our Director of Business Development, Sari Zalesin to learn more about our push messaging solution!

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jācapps Named a Top Detroit Developer by Clutch

At jācapps we are inspired by the rapidly changing ecosystem of digital technology. This constant state of flux motivates us to be the top provider of innovative development products and apps that give our customers the best app in the market. Since our founding in 2008, we have adapted our techniques to incorporate the newest and most effective technologies so that your firm can focus on its bottom line, reaping all the benefits of your investment in us.
Our team works around the clock to make sure that we provide nothing less than exceptional service for our clients and we are proud to announce that our work has been recognized; we have been selected as a 2019 Leading Developer in Detroit by Clutch! A central piece in the ever-growing tech industry, Clutch is a web service provider and reviews platform that facilitates connections and disseminates information between firms seeking service providers, such as development firms like us and firms providing specific services such as Video Production or Social Media Marketing.

We are very excited to be included in this report as a result of our versatile expertise. In fact, we are featured among the leading UX design agencies in Detroit for 2019 and we view this as a testament to our ability to successfully deliver both well designed and developed products. Clutch rigorously evaluates firms before profiling them on their website and we were selected for this recognition based on our firm’s outstanding ability to deliver, our remarkable client satisfaction, and our overall brand strength. You can read our reviews on our Clutch Profile.
In addition to our presence on Clutch, our positive reviews have also led to our inclusion on The Manifest and Visual Objects, two of Clutch’s sister sites that provide additional resources and information for companies seeking solutions to their business problems. We have been named among the top mobile app development companies by The Manifest, a useful site that provides how-to-guides and valuable information for companies navigating the buyer’s journey. We are also excited to share our feature on Visual Objects- an innovative digital portfolio website, where we have been named among other top app developers.
Overall, we would like to thank our team here at jācapps for dedicating their time and efforts to helping us become a 2019 Clutch Leading Developer in Detroit. We remain dedicated to our pursuit of innovation and to pushing the barriers of technological development in the modern age. We look forward to the new projects we will undertake in the years to come and we are always here for your firm’s development needs!

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Why Do You Need Push Notifications?

Push notifications can make a huge impact on your company’s success. But first, before we get into why you need push notifications, you may ask, what exactly is a push notification?
Push notifications, also know as push messages are a brief message or alert that is sent to a user’s notification panel through a mobile app and allows you to reach a large audience at one time. Push notifications are a great marketing tool that enhances your mobile app because it allows you to engage with your users in real time.That said, there are many reasons why you need push notifications.

Here are the top 4 reasons:

1.Push notifications enhance the user experience
Aside from using push notifications as a marketing tool, push notifications can be used to improve your user experience. This can be as simple to sending messages to notify your users about news, sports and weather alerts, contests and programming events.
2. Push notifications increase engagement, acquisition, and retention
Push notifications as a marketing tool have one of the highest open rates. Since push notifications don’t happen as often people are more likely to opt-in. Sending out the right number and highly relevant messages increases your customer engagement.
3. Push notifications allow you to notify your users based on topics
Topic based messages help you decided when to send certain messages. Since you don’t want to slam your users with too many notifications, topics help decides when to send certain messages.
4. Push notifications allow you to create targeted messages to your users
To create successful push notifications, you have to make sure that each notification speaks to your audiences. It’s easy to send targeted push messages because with permission your app will have access to your user’s profile.
We offer push notifications that are affordable, easy to use, and give you what you need without having to pay for a lot of features you don’t need. In the past year, other push messaging providers have really cranked up their prices, making this important function unaffordable for many.  We can provide you with a great system that’s not only affordable but designed with broadcasters in mind.
If you want more information about jācapps’ push messaging system, contact Sari Zalesin at

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How Radio Stations Are Killing It with Engagement

Customer engagement is one of the most important indicators when evaluating the success of a mobile app.
So, what exactly are radio stations doing today who are already killing it with user engagement?! KSGN 89.7 Family Friendly Radio, Go Media Radio, and The House FM use some unique features that are taking engagement to another level. Here are some of the ways these radio stations are both keeping and gaining users: 

Live Streaming

This one’s obvious, but SO powerful. Live streaming allows listeners to listen to their favorite radio stations whenever and wherever they are! Listeners love the portability of mobile apps.

Event Calendars

Calendars that list local events and festivals are a huge hit for station listeners. It encourages involvement in your app and allows listeners to access both local events and important tune in dates for artist interviews, live podcasts, and more!


Having a place on your app that involves contests also drives consumer engagement!  This allows customers to become better aware of different contests, and it provides a direct link to your station’s website for instructions to enter the contest or when to listen to the radio for certain winning opportunities!
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Latest News

Being on the go and staying up to date on the latest news can be challenging for a lot of listeners. They may want to know the latest local news, or news about album releases, celebrity updates, upcoming concerts, etc. Your app can allow your users to access information whenever and wherever they are!

On Demand Content (podcasts)

Most podcast listening is done on users’ mobile devices. So be sure that your on-demand content is there, so listeners can hear the morning show they missed, or better yet, original content created by your station staff.

Open Mic

Your relationship with your listeners doesn’t have to be a one-way street. Using this feature, they can easily send audio, video and photos back to you. Take requests through your app, or better manage listener call-ins. For the user it’s just a couple of easy taps. For you, it’s a way to bring your listeners into your programming.

Push Notifications

Having push notifications prohibits your users from missing out on the biggest announcements. These push notifications remind your users about upcoming events, podcasts, music releases, or contests, without even opening the app.

All of these features allow radio stations to rock engagement strategies. These features allow users to have the opportunity to do more than just listen to music. It allows them to be a part of the radio station. Encouraging your users to be me more involved than just listening to music will drive your app usage through the roof!
jācapps custom apps can support these efforts and much more. If you are interested in exploring a mobile strategy to support your business, contact us at or 248-353-9030.

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4 Ways to Engage Your Listeners with Mobile

Your audience is on mobile more than they’re on any other device! And with proper promotion on air, and online, there is no reason you can’t move a significant portion of your audience to use your station’s apps! Here are 4 important ways to engage your listeners on mobile.


Our “open mic” feature allows listeners to use the microphone in their mobile device to interact directly with your station. Users can create a message with just a tap, and send it to your station personnel with another tap, creating immediate engagement with the audience. We’ve seen stations use Open Mic to take requests, or call in to talk shows.
The user can also send photos or videos. One of our clients uses Upstream to boost contest involvement. The station wanted their listener to send in a certain picture in order to win a prize and upstream made this so easy.

Push Notifications

We all get push messages on our phones all day, whether it be news alerts, sports scores or traffic updates. By sending your audience a push message, you can tell them what’s on your station, give them the inside scoop on station events and even pass along breaking news.
Instead of waiting for users to open the app, use push notifications to entice the user to open and use the app. Those messages might include popular app content, event reminders and promotions.

Social Media

One of the biggest benefits of integrating your social media presence into the app is that your listeners can post directly in the app! Let your users check out your morning show’s latest post, or picture, without ever leaving the app. You can display your social feeds separately – Twitter and Facebook – or with feeds from the station and a variety of hosts all pulled together in one social timeline.


The V4 app from jācapps has the ability to provide users a local directory to businesses or attractions. The guide contains a collection of locations, provided by your station, and can display that collection as an easy to scan list, or it can map those locations, providing one tap turn-by-turn directions. If you have a rock station, maybe you provide your listeners a local bar guide. An AC station could provide a directory of family-friendly activities. These guides are a great way to create another revenue stream for your station.
If you are interested in the apps we’ve built or a product of your own, contact us at or (248) 353-9030

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Are Push Notifications Beneficial to My App?

Many of our clients are looking to increase consumer engagement and loyalty with mobile because of its robust, in-their-pocket connection with consumers. Your best consumers have downloaded your mobile app, but now you want to be able to reach out to them with messages to keep them coming back. Push notifications are a hugely popular way to gain attention and engagement from your consumers. jācapps now offers this capability within our apps at a surprisingly affordable price.

What are push notifications?

Push messages are notifications sent through your application directly to a mobile user’s ”notification tray.” They arrive alongside other important messages from other apps right on the user’s device, without them having to actually open your app. These messages are similar to texts – and have over a 90% open rate. This is why clients in various industries see increased engagement with their app when using push notifications. Why do companies use them?

  • To alert users to news and other timely messages.
  • When sharing deals and promotions.
  • To remind users about important brand messages.
  • And to increase visibility and app usage.

Companies can strengthen their marketing and sales strategy by adding push notifications to their mobile app. With the amount of time consumers spend in mobile apps, and the almost instantaneous delivery of notifications, the possibilities are endless.

The advantages of push notifications include:

  • Wide reach across users

Most of mobile usage is within apps – notifications can reach 9 out of 10 users on average, higher than email and social. Push messages are automatically prioritized with the user’s latest news and updates.

  • Conversion rates

Notifications are converting as high as 40% and are considered a phenomenal marketing tool that can significantly increase sales.

  • Real-time communication

Push notifications offer instant communication with consumers and are great for breaking news alerts, limited-time offers, and event notices when you want to reach your consumers instantly.
Now jācapps can include push notifications in applications! For more information on push notifications implementation and pricing contact your sales representative.