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May the FORCE Be with You

According to Bloomberg Business, the new generation of Apple phones are in the production stages. For those who love keeping up with Apple’s new and innovative products, this is always exciting news.

So what sticks out about these new phones?

For starters, the next generation device (which is predicted to be called the iPhone 6s), will have Force Touch capabilities, just like the new Apple Watch. Force Touch allows the screen to differentiate between different levels of pressure, i.e. lightly tapping, or pressing firmly. This feature will make it so that certain actions will be made easier, and the user will have the power to adjust the pressure to match up with different types of functions.

As we have seen on the Apple Watch and the new MacBook, this feature is pretty awesome. It is also rumored that the next iPhone will have a different kind of aluminum, one that is currently being used on the Apple Watch Sport. Word has also been spreading that they may be coming out with a rose gold colored phone. Always neat to see what changes are in store in the world of Apple.


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