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Nobody Likes a Cold Car in the Morning!

Since our DASH Conference a few weeks ago, we have been buzzing about mobile and car connectivity.

Mobile is a progressive platform that is always changing. We hear about new and innovative technologies revolving around mobile almost daily. This is music to our ears, and opens up a lot of new doors (literally) for individuals and businesses alike.

According to Mashable, Ford’s new SYNC Connect app will let you start your car remotely. As a company based in Michigan where the weather gets brutal in the winter time, we think that is pretty awesome. The new app is being debuted with the new 2017 Ford Escape. Along with the remote start feature, the app also has features that will lock and unlock the car, and monitor the car’s oil, fuel, and battery.

Although this is currently only available with the new Escape, we should expect to see more of this technology from Ford as time goes on.

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