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A New Age for Mobile Ads

“The long season of mobile is clearly upon us”.

A plethora of advertising technology companies are falling behind when it comes to recognizing the endless opportunities, demands, and challenges of mobile. How do these companies make the necessary changes to keep up, or as Mashable likes to say: play the “Game of Phones”.

One way to do this is to leave old methods behind. Desktops and mobile devices are completely different entities, so it makes sense to not treat mobile as if it were a desktop. The ad formats and technologies should be extensively different than one another. Since mobile phones are much more personal and we practically take them everywhere we go, using old methods like banner ads just doesn’t do the job, and it becomes more of an annoyance than anything else.

Taking advantage of new and unique mobile capabilities is the way to go. For instance, we have recently partnered with XAPPmedia to incorporate XAPP Ads into our mobile apps. XAPP Ads are the first interactive audio ads that allow users to respond by using only their voice. This lets the user interact with the advertisement hands free and eyes free. Another new and interesting marketing tool is sensory stimulation from vibrations and sounds that users feel prior to and throughout an advertisement. The point being, ads do not always have to be visual.

Thinking of your consumers and putting them first is important. In order for the users to enjoy your ads instead of finding them an inconvenience, you must add to their experience instead of interrupting it. You should understand what their goals are and when the best time is to approach them.

Leaders in the ad industry are already working on new types of metrics for engagement, and some are even starting to use neuro-marketing to understand how consumers’ minds and bodies react to mobile ads.

Overall, the best way to use advertising on mobile is to leave the old methods behind, take advantage of new technologies, put consumers first, and make real connections with those consumers.

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