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The Future of the Biometric Interface

It can be frustrating when you log onto your Facebook account and see that it has been hacked. Sure, you can go in and change your password, but who says that your account won’t be hacked again? It is safe to say that a good amount of people have run into similar situations (SONY, anyone?), so how do we fix this? How can we make sure our information is secure without the fear of having it happen to us again? 

Biometric interface technology analyzes human measurements and characteristics; therefore, we can use this new technology to replace usernames and passwords. This would result in your personal information, and even your business’ information remaining extremely secure. 

According to Juniper Research, Biometric Interface technology has a smaller market right now. It is predicted that in a few years the market will go from a million dollar company to a billion dollar company. Midsize Insider reveals that biometric interface technologies will not replace all touch commands, but it will improve security and create a better experience for mobile users.

Rather than having to remember a password, voice, facial, and even finger print recognition makes it easier for the user, and makes it equally as difficult for a potential hacker to access information.

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