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Mobile Healthcare Apps Are Making It Big in 2015

As research has shown, mobile usage is climbing. From shopping to watching videos, using mobile has become the new normal in our society. It is so popular that hospitals and doctors offices are even getting in on the mobile movement.

Mobile healthcare applications can help you track your personal fitness, health records, prescriptions, and doctor’s appointments. According to the mHealth App Developer Economics 2014 report, there are about 100,000 health apps available for the two largest mobile platforms, Apple and Android. Android specifically has seen a considerable growth in applications listed under the ‘health and fitness’ and ‘medical’ sections on Google Play.

New technologies are being developed every day; according to Fox News, mobile-enabled diagnostic and screening tools will be launched in the coming year.

As wearable mobile devices evolve, we should also be seeing more around the clock monitoring. This would allow patients and their doctors to keep track of vitals and so much more.

Having a mobile healthcare app is convenient for both patients and healthcare workers. It saves time and is an extremely efficient way for a patient to keep track of what is going on with their health.

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