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Mobile Technology for the Disabled

As we are seeing every day, technology is rapidly evolving. So much so, that Israel has begun experimenting with making mobile technology accessible to those who have disabilities. These technologies are also beneficial for able-bodied users. For example, Project Ray has developed a phone for the blind, which also allows drivers to use the device without taking their eyes off of the road. Voiceitt, an app for people with speech impediments, is working on ways for voice recognition to recognize different types of accents. There is also Sesame, which allows paralyzed users to operate their devices hands free.

According to The Globe and Mail, disability has “inspired innovation for centuries” which is most definitely true. The invention of the telephone came about from work on hearing and speech products for the deaf, and the use of the phonograph was also intended to record books for the blind. Presently, developments in screen interfaces, voice recognition, and robotics were all tested out by disabled users. As these technologies advance, we may be able to use our mobile devices without even touching them!

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