5 Tips for Creating an Effective App for Employees

When you think about having an app made for your company, you might think about an app that your customers can download and use. This can be useful, but you may want to create an app for your employees to use as well. If you’d like to make a more effective app for your employees, try these tips.

  1. Work With an App Development Company

There are programs that you can use to create apps yourself, but you may want to avoid this if you don’t have experience. The team from a good app development company can give you ideas for your employee app, and they can help ensure that the app turns out like you want it to. Plus, cost might be more affordable than you think.

  1. Ask Your Employees What They Want

Talk to your employees about the fact that you are thinking about creating an employee app. Then, you can ask them for feedback. A surprising number of employees might be excited about the idea and may be happy to provide you with input. Keep your employees’ ideas in mind when you design and create your app.
Additionally, once the app has been released and your employees have been using it for a little while, you may want to ask for their feedback again. After all, the people who use the app the most will probably be the best people to give their opinions about the app. Then, they may be able to tell you about bugs that are present or features that they would like to see added.

  1. Keep It Simple

You’ll probably want to keep your employee app relatively simple and easy to use. Employees shouldn’t have to spend tons of time learning how to use the app. Instead, they should be able to download and use it right away without much of a learning curve. Keeping the app simple will also help you keep costs down in most cases.

  1. Provide Useful Information

You might have a lot of ideas about things that you can implement in the app, but first and foremost, you will probably want to provide useful information. Employees might like being able to access the app so that they can read the latest company news and memos, for example, so make sure that you keep the app up-to-date with this information.
Additionally, think about the different types of features that your employees could benefit from in their day-to-day lives. Having the option to pull up their schedule, check out the cafeteria lunch menu, or view the events calendar can all make use of the app very helpful. You may want to add some pictures and other content, too, but useful information will probably be what makes your app truly effective.

  1. Allow Push Notifications

Your employees might live busy lives both when they are at work and when they aren’t, and it might be easy for them to forget about their employee app. If you want your employees to make use of the app, consider adding a feature for push notifications.
You will probably want to allow the opportunity for your employees to turn off these notifications if they really want to, but allowing notifications can help you make sure that your employees use the app and help them avoid forgetting anything. You can even set up the app so that it will do things like give a push notification reminder prior to an employee’s scheduled shift.
Creating an employee app could be a great idea for your business. Contact us at jācapps today to find out more about our app development services and how they can help your company and your employees.