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4 Ways An Internal Company App Can Help You Grow

An internal app provides a new method of communication and organization within your company. App development requires time, money, and attention, so what makes it worth the effort? Here are few ways it can provide tangible and intangible benefits to any growing business.
1. Communicate Easier
If all your employees don’t spend the majority of their time working within earshot at the company’s main office, you probably struggle with communication. As a company grows, it generally has  more people on the road, servicing customers, working in branches, working remotely, and using flexible schedules. All that translates to some difficulty reaching everyone and keeping them on the same page.
An internal app provides a singular way to reach everyone no matter where they are. Because an app is specific to your company and can often provide “push” notifications, you’ll have more confidence that everyone is up to speed. Even if staff is in the same office, you may find that retention and engagement is improved when everyone uses the same platform instead of a myriad of different methods to converse.
2. Get Things in One Place
Do your employees use a variety of software, apps, programs, and portals to do their particular jobs? Then wrangle most – or all – of these into a centralized system that everyone can access with just one login and one platform.
With a single app portal, you can customize the interactions based on your specific employees’ needs and learning style to make it more intuitive. And you can expand or contract the connections through your app to offer new work tools or to discontinue ones that are out-of-date.
3. Encourage Technology Use
If you have some employees who find it hard to embrace new technology, an app is the perfect way to encourage this adoption. Structure the app to be user-friendly and focus only on the most important functions that you need at the beginning – perhaps employee notices, scheduling, and payroll information. Have regular and personalized training sessions to help everyone learn how to use the app easily.
As employees learn to use the app and to see the benefit within their own lives, add more features. This may include group project organization, departmental communications, or software people can use in their jobs. Many employees will see that technological changes help them work more efficiently or become less frustrated with mundane tasks like getting approvals from management.
Once the app is something employees are accustomed to, use similar thought processes and platforms to introduce other modern technological tools like a customer-facing app, paperless offices, and remote work options.
4. Introduce Virtual Work
An app is an excellent way to start moving your company toward a more mobile and technology-friendly future. Mobile work options allow people to remain efficient even when they’re not in the office and they provide more ways to organize your business.
A sales team, for instance, can use the app to coordinate people on the road and those working behind the scenes And rather than maintain individual offices for sales staff who need to come in just to complete paperwork, you save the space and equipment by allowing them to do many of those functions from home or the road. It may even allow some employees to shift to an entirely remote schedule.
Internal apps are a new idea for many businesses and their employees. But they help you stay on top of the competition and move at the pace of modern business. At JACAPPS, we know that this can be a challenging transition time. We’re here to make it work both for you and your staff. Call today for an appointment.