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Techsurvey13: 9 Takeaways Regarding Mobile Technology

As the popularity of mobile devices continues to rise every year, we thought we’d share with you some facts about how radio listeners use mobile technology.

Every year, our sister company, Jacobs Media, fields their Techsurvey, the radio broadcasting industry’s largest online survey. Now, in its thirteenth year and with over 50,000 respondents, it allows them to identify key trends in the mobile, social, and connected car spaces. Techsurvey has been quoted throughout the media world by companies such as CNN, The New York Times, and eMarketer.
Techsurvey helps media companies better understand their audiences, and their brand, in a world where technology changes quickly. One of the insights this survey provides is the evolving role of mobile technology.

We’d like to share with you some of the key takeaways about how consumers use mobile technology:

  • 87% of respondents own a smartphone. This number has increased by 25% since Techsurvey9.
  • 97% of Millennials own a smartphone. Moreover, 92% of both GenX-ers and GenZ-ers own a smartphone.
  • 41% said they are addicted to their mobile phone, with Millennials topping out at 63%.
  • 27% of radio listeners said mobile apps were the main reason for listening to less radio. GenZ-ers topped the list at 57%.
  • Among cell phone, smartphone, or tablet owners, 44% wake up using their phone/tablet – a 4% increase since Techsurvey11.
  • 26% of smartphone/tablet owners reported to have downloaded their home station’s mobile app. 23% are aware that their home station has a mobile app, but have not downloaded it.
  • Among smartphone/tablet owners who have downloaded their home station’s mobile app
    • 57% use the app for streaming either frequently or occasionally.
    • 45% rate the mobile app as being good and 29% rate the mobile app as being excellent.
  • 64% of respondents connect their mobile phone/mp3 in the vehicle driven or ridden in most often.

The popularity and addictive quality of mobile devices is something every brand should tap into in their own unique way. You should be thinking about what unique content or service you can deliver to your listeners. Over the past decade, we have experienced first-hand the joy apps deliver to our clients. Having your brand appear on the screen of your audience’s most precious possession is a rush, and maybe the most important part of future-proofing your radio station.
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