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42% of Smartphone Owners Are Addicted to Their Phone

The addictive quality of smartphones, and other mobile devices, is something every brand must continue to tap into.

In this year’s Techsurvey, the radio broadcasting industry’s largest survey, more than four in ten (42%) smartphone owners agree, or strongly agree, that they’re addicted to their mobile phone. That’s an increase of 6% from the previous year. When you consider all the things they can do, it’s easy to understand how people can develop a dependency on these devices. Whether you work in an office, on the deck of a cruise ship, in the kitchen of a 5-star restaurant, or on a Broadway stage, mobile phone technology has probably made your life easier and more entertaining.

What are people doing when they’re fueling mobile phone addiction? It’s simple – they’re using apps. In fact, a recent report from eMarketer shows that mobile apps will account for about 85% of total mobile time spent throughout this year. From listening to digital audio to social networking and gaming, the way these devices change the way we live should not be taken for granted.
The addictive quality of smartphones, and other mobile devices for that matter, is something every brand tap into in their own unique way. You should be thinking about what unique product or service you can deliver to this audience. Over the past decade, we have experienced first-hand the joy apps deliver to our clients. Having your brand appear on the screen of your consumer’s most precious possession is a rush, and maybe the most important part of future-proofing your brand.
So, with that being said, we have one question for you…

How is your brand delivering to our culture of mobile “addicts?”

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