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63% of App Users Become Inactive Within 30 Days

It’s critical to keep your app relevant to your users, and to give them compelling reasons to use your app and never assume those reasons are self-evident.

By: Bob Kernen

An interesting confluence of news over the past couple of weeks got me thinking about the state of mobile technology in our lives. The first was a study from Localytics, the analytics and push-messaging platform many of you use, about app retention rates. According to their research, 63% of users become inactive within 30 days of downloading an app. That is up from 58% last year. And after 90 days, the news is even worse with 80% of users going inactive. What those numbers show is that it is absolutely critical to keep your app relevant to your users, and to give them compelling reasons to use your app, and never assume those reasons are self-evident.
Others have inferred that we are reaching the end of the “app revolution.” I can see how a few statistics could bring people to that conclusion, but to me these stats on downloads and retention don’t signal the beginning of the end. I think what they really herald is the end of the beginning. While the “there’s an app for that” craze may have finally run its course, the notion of an app has become the consumer’s favorite way to access the information and tools they need to get through their busy day.

Here’s some evidence:

Apple recently announced that it would begin sending out “take down” notices to apps that haven’t been kept sufficiently up-to-date as their operating system (iOS) and devices have evolved. Cleaning out these “zombie apps” shows Apple’s commitment to making sure that the app ecosystem stays vibrant and uncluttered.
Secondly, Apple also announced that they are working on a TV show about app developers. Major stars like Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow have signed on to participate.
Third, apps have busted out of the smartphone and are now showing up everywhere. From connected cars to watches to home entertainment systems, apps are redefining the old “there’s an app for that” slogan to mean there’s an app for just about everything that plugs in.
What we are seeing is that the pace of technological evolution just keeps accelerating so that product cycles, and even paradigms, shift in a matter of months – not years.
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