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Having an App Is Only Half the Battle

Half of smartphone users download ZERO apps every month. How can your brand make sure your app makes its way to everyone’s favorite screen? We explain.

By: Vince Kattoula

Mobile is now the leading digital platform. The convenience of smartphones and tablets (and increasingly their interfaces with wearables, the connected car, and smart home systems) has seismically shifted the digital media landscape. The app market, however, is continues changing and remains a challenging environment for lots of businesses.
What is especially challenging is getting smartphone users to download their app. In fact, ComScore reports that 49% of U.S. smartphone users download exactly 0 apps every month. They also report that the average consumer downloads only two apps every month.

So, what can your brand do in order to make sure your brand’s app makes its way to everyone’s favorite screen?

To convince your target audience to make you one of the two apps they download, you need to do a couple of things. First stay relevant. Make sure that your app delivers on your brand, and delivers your audience real utility. But once you’ve done that, promoting and marketing your app requires real focus and attention. Often times, our clients express to us their concerns about the downloads and usage of their app. When we ask how they’re promoting their app, we typically hear the same response: “Well, we promoted it heavily for the first few weeks, then moved on to other things.” And there lies the problem. It takes more than just a few mentions here and there in order to see your app’s download totals ultimately increase – especially when it’s been in the app store for more than a month. Check out our blog on 3 Keys to Effective App Promotion for some great ways to successfully promote your mobile app.
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