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Apple Watch, Wearables, and Your Mobile Strategy

By: Bob Kernen

The past few years at this time of year we’ve communicated with our clients and others just how important the recently concluded holidays are when it comes to your mobile strategy. We’ve been diligent about reminding you that lots and lots of people opened packages with new smartphones in them, and that you should be sure that your brand is well-represented and that your listeners know they can add your station’s branded app to their smartphone.

For this past holiday season, however, we want to also remind you that there was likely another goodie wrapped up for good boys and girls: a smart watch. It was probably be a nifty new AppleWatch, but it could also have been any number of other “wearables” that are emerging as the next big movement in digital devices.

Even all the way back in 2014 when just a few Android watches were available, the market sold 6.8M of them. With Apple entering the scene, the numbers have jumped dramatically. The new AppleWatch did $1.7B in sales through end of the 3rd quarter of 2015, accounting for over 3M units in less than six months. And the forecasts are stratospheric with 40% of US consumers interested in buying a smart watch. The estimate for the wearables market was 45.7M units in 2015, growing to 126.1M in 2019. By 2018, this will be a $19 billion market.

That is why jācapps has announced our “App Everywhere℠” strategy. Apps have broken out of the smartphone and are now showing up … everywhere. If your station has one of our V4 apps, we will be offering to enable it for the AppleWatch, and throughout 2016 we will be offering support for more and more new platforms, including other wearables, smart TVs and cars.

So now, as millions of consumers are strapping on their new wearables you should be thinking about your mobile strategy and how to use all of these new mobile, digital platforms to build your brand and drive revenue.

If you want to learn more about App Everywhere℠ or how to upgrade your mobile strategy to jācapps V4 platform, call Alex Burnstein or me at 248-353-9030, or email

For more ways to add monetization to your mobile strategy get our white paper on “Monetizing Mobile.”

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