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Digital Meets Print

Chevrolet has recently placed digital video ads in print. Yes, that is right…. in print! It reminds me of the moving images in the Harry Potter films, which is pretty neat, but how and why are they doing this?

Well, the advertisement promotes Chevy’s Colorado truck and it will appear in the May issue of certain subscriber issues of Popular Mechanics and Esquire. Chevy has determined which subscribers would likely be interested in purchasing the truck, and those subscribers will be receiving the copies with the digital advertisement. The original plan for the advertisement was to promote on the magazines websites, which then brought about the idea to actually have them run in print. Americhip, the “global leader in the design, development, and manufacture of advertising and marketing technologies”, is the company behind the technology that allows the videos to play in print.

To see more on the Chevy ad, click here.

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