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Wearable Devices Aren’t Just for Adults Anymore…

When Sten Kirkbak lost track of his 3-year old son, Filip in a crowded mall for 30 minutes, he was mortified. The next day, Sten began searching for a product to give to Filip in case they were to get separated like that again, but couldn’t find a technology that was age appropriate. After a year of research, Sten knew that there needed to be a wearable smart product for kids on the market.

He decided to name the product Filip, after his son who inspired his journey to create the world’s first smart locator and phone for kids. Filip makes it easy to locate your child indoors or outdoors, and you can set up the Filip to make and receive phone calls. There is even an emergency button that can be pressed at a moments notice. This will initiate emergency mode and will automatically call the primary account holder, record the conversation, and will update you on your child’s location every 60 seconds until the emergency is cancelled. Set up is extremely easy and can be done in just three steps. You just have to download the app, create an account, and connect the device.

To learn more about Filip Technologies, click here.

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