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Mobile Technology Is Helping the Growth of Smaller Businesses

According to Mobile Commerce Press, studies by both The Boston Consulting Group and Qualcomm reveal that mobile technology has become a major factor of growth for small to medium enterprises (SMEs). As mobile technology keeps growing, we, as consumers, are relying heavily on our mobile devices for a plethora of different things. When companies jump on board and start incorporating mobile technology into their business model, it will produce fresh new ways to connect with customers and can set up the business for success. 

The study by BCG states that about 25% of SMEs that take advantage of using the mobile space can see their revenue increase up to two times faster as well as adding jobs up to eight times faster than those who do not. According to the study, “Greater mobile adoption by SMEs can create jobs. If more SMEs expand their businesses at the rate of the mobile leaders, 7 million more jobs could be added in the six countries evaluated.”

There are so many benefits to having mobile technology as a part of your business. It is beneficial in keeping your workspace current, and can help your company find even greater success in the future, so why not get on board?

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