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Smart Jewelry – the Latest in Wearable Technology

Smart watches are all the rage right now, especially as we eagerly await the new Apple Watch, but watches are not the only wearable technology to look out for.

Trellie, a pioneer in wearable technology, has recently announced that they will be coming out with smart jewelry technology. According to Trellie’s website, this new product “…enables you to detach from your phone, prioritize who and what is important, and look stylish doing it”.  With smart jewelry, you can determine who or what can notify you. The jewelry notifies you of the call or alert with a flashing light, vibration, or both.

So far, this new, modular smart jewelry looks to be a hit. According to Business Wire the product has “inked a design and distribution partnership with one of the largest jewelry designers in the world, serving designer jewelry brands and retailers including Henri Bendel, Vince Camuto, Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, HSN, Lord and Taylor, Nordstrom and Macy’s”.

Along with wearable smart jewelry, Trellie has also come out with a wireless call notifier that fits on women’s purses that are currently available for purchase. We will be seeing Trellie’s first smart jewelry line for purchase in major retailers beginning in Spring 2015.

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