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Applications for Better Health

Mobile technologies make many aspects of our lives easier – that‘s why we love our devices. Healthcare is no exception and year after year more hospitals, fitness clubs, senior homes, etc. continue to adopt technologies to become more effective and efficient. Healthcare apps have massive potential to improve a patient’s overall wellness, reduce hospital readmissions and enable a patient to manage chronic conditions.
Here are some other ways health and wellness apps can be used:

  1. Track sleep schedules
  2. Meditation and mindfulness
  3. Diet and nutrition
  4. Mental health tracking and concerns
  5. Recipes
  6. Smoking cessation
  7. Sports and fitness activity tracking
  8. Weight loss coaching
  9. Pharmacy and drug info
  10. Stress reduction and relaxation

Health and wellness apps give users more control over their own health. Here are four important benefits of using health and wellness apps:
Easily keep track of your progress
Having the access to your personal health and fitness data, mobile apps allow you to stay on track and see where you are in your progress.
Maintain a healthy lifestyle on the go 
If you live a busy life and struggle with living a healthy lifestyle, mobile apps can change your world! Having access to fitness, diet, and nutrition tips on the move will allow you to live an easier, healthier, and happy life.
Stress relief and calming techniques
If you suffer from anxiety, depression, stress, etc. mobile apps can help you. In the middle of a bad day, you have access to meditation, stress reduction and relaxation apps that can help calm you down or change your mood in just minutes.
Medical condition tracking and advice 
Mobile apps can connect with your family doctor, hospitals, and your pharmacy. This allows patients to engage more in their everyday health and get help quickly.
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a big challenge for individuals and keeping track of your progress can be an even bigger challenge. Mobile will take away these challenges and allow you to live your happiest and healthiest life yet!
If you are interested in learning more about jācapps, the apps we build, or a product of your own, contact us at or (248) 353-9030

Mobile Apps

Improving Patient Engagement and Wellness with Mobile

As healthcare spending in the U.S. continues to grow (currently nearly 18% of GDP) and as accountability in healthcare becomes a bigger and bigger issue, engaging patient audiences in their care is a bigger challenge than ever. Getting patients to integrate simple, daily habits to benefit their health is key to improving outcomes. While many companies look to foster proactive, instead of reactive healthcare – they are having trouble making these processes easy for patients. But with so many of us so deeply dependent on our smartphones, perhaps mobile technology holds some answers.

Private practice physician groups, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers are working to incorporate better technology into their internal processes and patient communications.

Beyond EHR (electronic health records) there are many ways to keep patients and families abreast of facility logistics, patient health literacy, and service or surgery preparation.
Take Dr. Partha Nandi for example: by day Dr. Nandi performs endoscopic procedures to diagnose and treat digestive health. On top of his typical practice, Dr. Nandi wanted to better communicate his holistic approach to patient health. Educating the public and his patients is an important part of his business. With an application, Dr. Nandi was able to get his content in the hands of his on-the-go consumers. This internal medicine physician is able to share e-books, educational episodes, and many other patient literacy tools to better serve his audience. A mobile application complements his health delivery model because an important part of health is the ability to make mindful health efforts anywhere, anytime.
Mobile apps can also be an option for hospitals to communicate better with their consumers. A hospital Florida wanted to help its audience stay on top of ER wait times, important urgent care information, and mapping of their medical center to help patients and families get around. Knowing that much more time on mobile phones is spent within applications instead of in browsers, they understood the opportunity mobile provided.
Mobile apps are a proven way to seamlessly connect with your community! Healthcare costs and getting better outcomes is an issue for everyone, and health and wellness providers can make their patient experience a digital one. This will save resources and benefit both patients and healthcare providers! To share ideas for your institution’s healthcare app please contact us at .

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Mobile Developer Aims for Growth As It Serves New Industries

Recently, Bob Kernen and Paul Jacobs spoke with Crain’s Detroit Business about investments, growth, and the mobile revolution. In great summary, we are ready to hit some goals this year! Being in the emerging mobile application sector, we topped $1 million revenue in 2017, and we expect that to double this year!!
Alright, so let’s check out what we shared with Crain’s, and how we plan to reach these goals!
We are a software company founded by former WRIF 101.1 FM Program Director Fred Jacob. He is helping companies create efficiencies through mobile applications. Jacobs started the tech firm out of a storage close in his Jacobs Media Strategies offices in Bingham Farms months after Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple Inc. launched its App Store in 2008.
We started out with four employees building apps for radio clients including WRIF, WDET 101.9 FM, Michigan Radio and WMGC 105.1 FM to stream radio content to listeners.
“Smartphones have been the transformative device of our lifetime. It creates an unbelievable way to connect businesses to their customers, such as through push notifications,” COO Bob Kernen said. “The average person has about 30 apps on their phone. Once a company can get an app on a customer’s phone, it can become the best marketing tool for them.”

Realizing that other businesses and organizations could benefit from the mobile industry that has now reached nearly every corner of society, we began diversifying our client base in 2013.
Our company picked up a private investor in 2016 to help grow its staff to nine and moved into a new headquarters across the street from the old Jacobs Media at 30300 Telegraph Road, Bingham Farms. jācapps has a six-year lease with Bloomfield Hills-based JFK Investments Co. LLC.
Our workforce grew to 22 in 2017, warranting a $70,000 investment to tear down a wall and nearly double the space to 7,500 square feet this past March.
“We saw the opportunity to become a full-fledged mobile software provider,” Paul Jacobs, Fred’s brother, said. Paul, who also worked for WRIF as a salesman, is now president of the software company. “We broadened out our skill set and found growth in construction, health care, wellness and other businesses that realized that they needed a mobile strategy.”

Since then our company has taken on clients in Partha Nandi, M.D., of the medical TV show “Ask Dr. Nandi,” and Ireland-based building material supplier CRH plc, including two of its subsidiaries in Canton Township-based Cadillac Asphalt LLC and Monroe-based Stoneco of Michigan. Cadillac Asphalt has contracts to rebuild some of the crumbling roads in metro Detroit, including the 696 freeway.
“In the case of Stoneco and Cadillac, what’s important is communication to their customers and employees” for process efficiency, Paul Jacobs said. “Our clients at Stoneco told us if we can get the message out to contractors, they could come pick up more loads and that makes all the world to their business. These are tools that are all about creating efficiencies for the people on the move.”
Because software is constantly changing, Jacobs said the firm is continually investing to keep up with the times as operating systems are constantly changing and new technologies emerge. One of those investments include building an analytics department to allow customers to better utilize their apps.
We are also working with Dearborn-based Ford Motor Co. to build programs for mobility and focusing on other products including smart TVs and smart watches, Jacobs said.
Last year, we saw 30 percent growth, topping $1 million in revenue, Jacobs said. He expects to double revenue this year as the company capitalizes on investments made over the past two years.
Lastly, we would love to thank Crain’s Detroit Business for the support! Click here to read more about how we plan to double our growth this year!
If you are interest in us, the apps we’ve built, or a product of your own, contact us at or (248) 353-9030

Mobile Apps

jācapps on FOX 2 Detroit

A few weeks ago, Derek Kevra from FOX 2 Detroit visited the jācapps offices and needless to say, our team was excited! The final piece, which aired April 10th on Fox2’s 6PM news, gave Fox’s viewers a taste of what jācapps is all about.
Derek interviewed Paul Jacobs, Bob Kernen, Ben Levy, and Kate Coyle-Levy about where we came from, what we’ve done so far, and where we see both jācapps and the tech industry going in the future.
Paul Jacobs described jācapps as the world’s oldest start-up, but the piece made it clear how far our “started in a storage closet” company has come.. jācapps has built over 1,100 apps – every single one right here in Detroit.
With mobile technology booming we are here to help our clients get to the next level. As Bob Kernen would say, Detroit is where builders and doers are born – we know how to make things, and we know how to make them well. California might be the tech hub of the US, but our “Detroit vs. Everybody” mentality extends to our tech companies.. With or without an Amazon location. 😉
We may have started as a radio app development company but we’ve produced logistics apps to help construction and trucking companies communicate with clients, apps for health and wellness leaders such as Dr. Nandi and ACCESS Community Health, and apps for travel companies.
Now, we’ve got our sights set on App Everywhere® – especially with the boom of Amazon Echo (Alexa) and Connected Car capabilities. These technologies create yet another sensor in which businesses can communicate with their employees and consumers.
We had a blast meeting with some of the FOX 2 team. Check out the official video below, or the FOX2 direct link here.

If you’re interested in us, the apps we’ve built, or a product of your own, contact us at or (248) 353-9030.