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Mobile Apps Reach Everywhere

The most difficult challenge for radio stations is to be able to reach their listeners’ whenever and wherever they are. It can be even more difficult when stations are in smaller communities where signals can be tricky. But, no need to worry, we have the solution that can help your radio station achieve its optimal coverage.
A mobile app is the ultimate tool to put your station in the palm of your listeners’ hands on their smartphone. Cell signals can reach where your broadcast doesn’t reach. Having a mobile app for your radio station will allow you to engage with your listeners wherever they are.
With the world becoming mobile obsessed, mobile apps allow you to connect with your community.
Here’s how:

  • Local news alerts
  • Local sport score alerts
  • Weather alerts
  • Contests
  • Program alerts
  • Coupons and discounts

Push notifications functionality to reach your audience directly anytime.
Our V4 and custom mobile app solutions will create the best possible solution for your radio station, no matter what your location is. From big city to country roads – we can create a successful mobile app that your listeners can tune in whenever and wherever they are!
Contact our Director of Business Development, Sari Zalesin to learn more about how to take your radio station mobile! or 248-353-9030