Connected Car Mobile Apps

The Car Continues to Evolve… Thanks to Mobile

As connected car technology evolves, mobile apps continue to play a huge role in how brands will engage and interact with drivers.

The car and mobile technology have both come a long way. Over the years, technology like the radio, cassette player, CD player, and Bluetooth have all made their way into the car. Some have stayed, and some have been phased out. Over the past three years, tech giants Apple and Google have made their way into the car as well. Because of this, consumers are changing how they access their favorite music, personal playlists, and go-to podcasts when on the road.
It’s no secret why Apple and Google are trying to make a name for themselves in the car. Whether it’s the newest iPhone or the latest Samsung Galaxy, people consume media on their terms through the device of their choice. Per Techsurvey13, 64% of people can connect their mobile phone in the vehicle they drive or ride in most often. Apple and Google have capitalized on this by allowing drivers to seamlessly connect their mobile phones in the place where they spend hundreds of hours annually – their car.

Who can connect their mobile device in the car?

About 1 out of every 5 respondents to Techsurvey13 like the idea of autonomous cars. Soon the driver will have no need to keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road. Instead, their hands will likely be holding some sort of mobile device and their eyes will be glued to that. This opens the door for your brand to establish its place within the mobile ecosystem. One of the best ways to get your brand into the connected car is to enable your mobile app. That way, you are where your audience is.
Apple and Google getting involved is one indicator that drivers are more loyal to their OS/mobile device than they are to a car brand or radio station. No matter what kind of music your station plays, it won’t be able to compete with listeners’ preferences, subscriptions, and personal playlists. With our App Everywhere® initiative, we can help keep your brand connected within the connected car.
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