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Voice Commands in the Car and Home Present Many Opportunities

Last week, I mentioned Matt Hartman’s suggestion that voice provides the lowest friction interface between consumers and them getting what they want. This is especially true in the car where voice commands cut back on distracted driving. Controlling the infotainment system in your car makes the driving experience much safer in the long run, and adds value to the overall driving experience.

We understand the power of voice.

jācapps has been in the voice game for a while now. For the past four years we’ve been coding apps to work with Ford’s Sync system, and it’s why we debuted SonicAi, our new company that develops “skills” for voice-command devices, or “smart speakers.” We understand the power of voice and how it has the potential to change the way people listen to radio, podcasts, audiobooks, etc. in their cars and homes.
voice command car home opportunities
Matthew DeBord, Business Insider senior correspondent, offers his review of Apple CarPlay here. In his review, he mentions how natural it feels to speak to Siri, the iPhone’s virtual assistant, in the car. We believe this holds true in the home as well. That’s why our team has been hard at work developing new “skills” for voice-command devices like Amazon Echo. As more and more devices become voice controlled, the opportunity grows for brands to make themselves easily accessible to their audiences.
At jācapps, we can help you sort through the connected car, as well as the smart home, so your brand is easy to find everywhere. That is the whole idea behind our App Everywhere® program.
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