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4 Reasons Why Your Radio Station Should Have a Mobile App

Having a mobile app with an effective mobile strategy behind it determines which radio brands will survive in the long run and which ones won’t.

By: Vince Kattoula

Investing in mobile apps is crucial because your audience’s attention is literally in the palm of their hand. A mobile app helps your station engage its best listeners, enables new listening occasions (the gym, the house, etc.), and connects your brand with new listeners. Here are some ways your audio brand can benefit from having a mobile app:
Apps build brand recognition
Considering that the average US adult spends about 2.8 hours per day consuming mobile media, having your brand’s logo on your listeners’ screen is extremely valuable. Furthermore, according to eMarketer, the average smartphone user spends 85% of their smartphone time in apps, compared to 15% on the mobile web. This means that a clear majority of that media being consumed is being consumed using an app. The more listeners see your logo, the more they’ll recognize your brand – which is why you shouldn’t just assume that listeners will find you on TuneIn, iHeart or the mobile web.
Apps drive engagement
One clear advantage apps hold over mobile websites is the ability to create highly specific, individually customized messages that users will find relevant – such as special offers and events. Using the proper analytics, your station can personalize the experience and, in turn, offer more value and provide a place for your listeners to interact with your brand and each other.
Push notifications are a powerful way to keep listeners up-to-date with information about contests, events, weather and traffic. Your station’s most loyal fans will likely opt-in to these notifications, which means they’ll always be informed about and connected with your content and your brand.
Apps increase loyalty
A mobile app for your audience provides your brand another opportunity to sign up new listeners and to also say “thank you” to your existing listeners. Creating offers that are exclusive to your app will keep listeners coming back for more, resulting in a stronger relationship with your brand. However, we’ve said before that having an app is only half the battle. This still holds true. Promoting and marketing your app requires real focus and attention. Check out our blog “3 Keys to Effective App Promotion” for some great ways to successfully promote your mobile app.
Apps generate digital dollars
Watch our webinar on Monetizing Mobile to get a better understanding of how to generate additional revenue for your radio station using mobile apps.
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