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It's an App-Eat-App World Out There

Mobile apps have nearly maxed out users’ time. Now, drawing attention to a new app will mean having to shift users away from others.

Well, it’s 2017 and, to no one’s surprise, mobile apps are still kind of a big deal. However, per a new report from Flurry, overall app usage seems to be maturing. Sessions were up only 11% over last year; not much of an increase when compared to the 58% increase in the 2015 annual report. What this means is that it’s even harder to shift users’ attention from the apps they are already using to your brand’s app. But while the days of heady growth are coming to an end, the primacy of apps doesn’t show any sign of abating.

What continues to increase substantially is the time people spend within mobile apps. Overall, this increased by 69% year-over-year, with Messaging and Social apps seeing a whopping 394% increase. The reason behind such a large upsurge can be attributed to the growing number of “consumers using their social and messaging apps as their voice and video calling utilities.” What these voice and video communication apps indicate is that users are interested in connecting to each other on the go. If you take this behavior into consideration, you can begin to think of the kinds of features your consumer wants from you. If you’re a media company, you probably want to enable your app so the user can interact with your personalities – it’s a two-way world. If you’re in another industry, anything you can do to give your user the opportunity to interact with you directly and in a timely manner is probably going to drive more engagement.

As the mobile app ecosystem matures, using mobile to engage consumers with your brand will help drive your business in a myriad of ways. Talk to us about how we can help you understand what will work. To learn more, give us a call at 248-353-9030 or email

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