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Mobile Apps Continue to Outpace Mobile Web

The question used to be: do you have a website? Now, it’s do you have an app?

By: Vince Kattoula

The internet has come a long way. I remember the days of waiting what seemed like hours for a website to load over the dial-up connection – only to be kicked off moments later because someone had to make a phone call using the landline. Luckily for us, gone are the days of using a landline to connect to the internet. In today’s world, most people use a mobile device to access the internet. In fact, MediaPost reports that mobile will represent 75% of internet traffic next year. This really wasn’t groundbreaking news to me since I’m immersed in the world of mobile every day, but it did get me thinking…

What’s more convenient: mobile apps or mobile web?

Judging by the sheer dominance in the way apps have outpaced mobile web, it’s safe to say people love and prefer the apps on their smartphones and other mobile devices. This is not hard to understand considering apps are easy to use, and they can provide users with instant gratification. Mobile web can sometimes make for a frustrating experience, especially when the website isn’t optimized for mobile. comScore provides us with the visual below to help us understand just how dominant mobile apps are compared to their mobile web counterpart.

So, should your business get an app?

Since 2008, competition within the space has increased pretty heavily. So much so, that 63% of app users become inactive within the first 30 days of downloading an app. For this reason, it’s important to keep your customer base engaged. People aren’t always going to check your website for deals and updates, and emails sometimes fall into the spam folder. Mobile apps create an instant connection between your business and your audience. Users who download your app are likely your best customers, and they give your brand a small piece of precious real estate on their device so your message is never more than a tap away – useful to them and your business.
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