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What Your Radio Station Can Do to Avoid Being Replaced by a Podcast

By: Vince Kattoula

The success of shows like Serial have made podcasts more popular than ever. Even Google has gotten involved in the podcasting space as they debuted a podcast directory in Google Play Music. In fact, according to Jacobs Media’s Techsurvey 12, the percentage of radio listeners who listened to a podcast within the last month increased from 21% in 2015 to 28% in 2016. How are these listeners tuning into these podcasts? 42% of podcasts are consumed on mobile apps, and about 30% on mobile web browsers. It’s no surprise that mobile is the dominant platform being used to stream podcasts. Yet radio stations still haven’t embraced podcasting primarily because they’re so focused on only promoting audio that contributes to their Nielsen ratings.

As podcast listening increases, the likelihood that more drivers will ditch the car radio to listen to their favorite podcast increases as well. What can radio stations do to avoid being replaced by a podcast?

If your station has a mobile app then the battle is already half-way won. To stay relevant, and to maintain your place as one of the 27 apps that smartphone owners use on average, podcasting should definitely be considered as part of your marketing mix. Getting started is easier than you think, too. Determine what your station’s audience is passionate about and start podcasting about that. A good way to generate topics for podcasts is to look through your inbox to see what listeners are asking your station. Check out Jacobs Media’s webinar on How to Launch a Podcast for a great tutorial on how to get started in the podcasting world.

If you’re currently involved with podcasting, or looking to get involved, make sure to check out the largest gathering of podcasters in the world at Podcast Movement, in Chicago on July 6-8. We’ll be there answering questions.

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