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Mobile Drives Surge in Digital Advertising

By: Bob Kernen

Double digit growth is impressive almost any time, but when something experiences double digit growth for 20 straight years that is really impressive. That is what digital advertising has done since Bill Clinton was president, and nobody knew anything about a girl named Monica.

But even with that impressive number from the IAB, here’s an even more impressive one: growth of mobile advertising grew 66 percent – in just one year, from 2014 to 2015. Mobile advertising rang up $20.7B in 2015.

This is tremendous news for anyone with a mobile strategy. What it means is that your mobile presence no longer has to be looked at as a cost center, but can be a real revenue driver. When you look at what’s possible on mobile, not just tiny awful banners, but real marketing with rich media elements, strong interactivity and valuable data gathering, the possibilities are endless. And in a time when broadcast media struggles to “attribute” their advertising to actual sales and ROI, mobile becomes the perfect vehicle to show your advertisers how their marketing is working through your channel.

More good news was found in pricing data. While digital has challenged CPM rates for several years now, in 2015 pricing actually improved, despite growth of low-cost programmatic ad buying. Also, driving rates up was the growth of digital video advertising. This includes desktop as well as mobile, but the rates being paid for rich media (audio and video) are impressive, and broadcasters and media companies are really well positioned to take advantage of this.

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