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Surviving the Modern Dashboard

By: Vince Kattoula

Ginny Morris, Chairman & CEO of Hubbard Radio, said that she “worries more about connected cars than about streaming services.” After all the technological advancements radio has survived, the “connected car” may be the most challenging. For a while now, consumers have had the option to connect their smartphones to their vehicle via Bluetooth, and listen to music that way. The introduction of Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto into production vehicles means the app will be that much more central to people’s media consumption.

Apps are the best way to engage consumers through their mobile phone since it allows a variety of content (and content types like audio, video, text, etc.) to go with them no matter where they are. People experience media through the device of their choice, whether it be an Apple iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy (which runs on Android’s OS). CarPlay and Android Auto allow this choice to be taken to the place where they spend hundreds of hours annually – their vehicle.

So, what does this mean for your station? Simple – your mobile app is the way in. Not just your main stream, but your podcasts, HD and digital channels. At jacapps, we can help you sort through the connected car so your station is easy to find where it matters most – with the end user and in the place that matters most.

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