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The Connected Car and Why It Matters

By: Vince Kattoula

Today everything is connected, including your car.  Most cars built in the last 5 years are able to sync with the driver’s cell phone and keep them connected via the infotainment system.  Google’s much talked about driverless car promises to make the connected car experience even more rider-friendly.  However, the definition of the connected car can vary depending on where you are and who you are talking to.  According to Ben Cohen, Vice President & Head of Consumer Practice at Denneen & Company, “The connected car is not a single technology or functionality; it comprises a multitude of technologies and functionalities.”

Cohen isn’t necessarily all too concerned with what the connected car is but more-so with why the connected car matters.  And boy does it matter.  It provides marketers with another way to gain new insights into consumers’ behavior.  Connected car data can be valuable when researching what format(s) of content consumers are using, when they are using it, and how they access it.  It also offers marketers the opportunity to deliver new and better value to consumers.  They can leverage specific consumer data in order to better address consumers’ needs, wants, and pain points.  Lastly, the connected car is a platform for brands to communicate with consumers in a more relevant manner.  It allows marketers the ability to engage consumers with the “right offer at the right moment” while in the car.

With all this connected car talk it is hard to know where things will end up.  At jacapps, we can help you sort out the “connected car” so your brand is easy to find where it matters most – with the end user in the place where they spend thousands of hours.  Our apps are fully customizable and we will always support what we sell.

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