Mobile Apps

Being User Centric

The Apple and Google app stores are flooded with millions of apps, most of which never even reach 1,000 total downloads.  It seems many companies are building apps just to be able to say they have one.  No wonder then, that the cost to market an app today is between $1.25 and $1.50 per download. Companies are doing the right thing by taking advantage of mobile technology, but they need to think harder about their unique value proposition to the end user.  Part of the reason many companies see the download totals of their apps taper off sooner than they would like has to do with their focus.

Rather than focus on the technology, focus on the end user, who will ultimately decide whether your app is a success or not.  According to Huffington Post, “the companies leading their industries are putting their customers first by placing them at the center of their app development strategy.”  This is a mantra at jacapps.

When thinking about your apps, think about your consumer. What do they need from you and what do you have to offer them? Of course we’ll take care of the technology, but we’re also happy to help you find the mobile intersection of your brand and your consumer.

Here at jacapps it is all about the end user and that is why we work to understand your consumer.  Our apps are fully customizable and we will always support what we sell.

Let us help get your consumers to the center of your app strategy, call us at 248-353-9030 or email today!

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