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Timing is everything: Finding the right moments for mobile marketing

By: Bob Kernen

The smart, forward-thinking people at Google released some interesting statistics on the evolving ways people are using their mobile devices. They isolated four growing “behaviors” that hold tremendous opportunity for broadcasters and their mobile strategies.

For quite a while now, we’ve been telling our clients to think of their apps as more than a listening device – though they’re great for re-capturing those listening occasions lost to the iPod. That is why we work hard to incorporate social, user-generated content, blogs, video, podcasts and all manner of content in our apps. The more reasons you can give your audience to open that app, the better.

The Google research identifies four behaviors that users are increasingly turning to their mobile devices for.

“I Want To Know” – 65% of users surveyed say they use their devices more frequently to look up information versus just a few years ago. And 66% say they turn to their smartphones to look up something they saw on a TV commercial. So it makes sense that making sponsor information find-able and action-able right from your station’s app makes sense, so consider that as you work with your clients to develop mobile creative.

“I Want To Go” – Interest in “near me” information has doubled in just the past year. 82% of users engage in local searches on their device. Again, think about how your station’s mobile strategy can play into this. Using beacons and geo-fencing you can help deliver your listeners right to your advertisers’ front door, and they’ll pay for that.

“I Want To Do” – 91% of smartphone users turn to their device for help accomplishing a task. The opportunity for your sponsors is to put that help just a tap away from your mobile app. Not all marketing has to “ask for the order,” as our own Seth Resler advocates, getting a consumer the content they need first can lead to that purchase.

“I Want To Buy” – The holy grail for advertisers! 82% of users consult their device in-store when deciding on a purchase. And mobile sales conversions have grown 29% in the past year alone. That means that your mobile sponsors should be driving more than simple brand awareness. Help them to connect their advertising to the online sites where they can make sales, and be sure to track those clicks, so you can show clients the solid ROI from advertising on your mobile platform.

So as you evolve your mobile strategy for sponsors, keep these trends in mind, they can help you open your clients up to the power of mobile, while capturing those important digital dollars for your station.

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