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Nielsen Enables Your Mobile App

By: Bob Kernen

As 2016 gets started, the opportunities for monetizing your mobile strategy continue to proliferate.

One of the biggest changes for radio in the digital space in 2015: the Nielsen SDK. Nielsen has embraced new radio listening patterns by releasing software that, when added to web and mobile players measures that listening and can add it to overall ratings as part of a “single line” reporting methodology.

jācapps was the first mobile company to have its platform certified for the Nielsen SDK and since the first half of the year we’ve enabled dozens of stations for Nielsen’s tracking system.

If your station is in one of the top 50 Nielsen rated markets (and soon beyond the top 50), you are eligible for single line reporting, and to have your web and mobile metrics included in your ratings. If your branded mobile app is on jācapps’ V4 platform, just contact us and we can work with you and Nielsen to have your app properly enabled to begin getting those vital ratings.

No longer will you have to worry about promoting digital listening for fear of losing a meter, in fact you turn every new digital listener into a measurable one. Of course that means that you can now turn your mobile listening into the currency you need to drive new sources of revenue.

This new SDK can help you measure all that new listening, and that re-captured listening that is now happening at the gym, at home and in all those places where radios aren’t. And with the coming adjustments to streaming rates, you can drive users to your stream without any fear.

Making your V4 app Nielsen enabled costs only $75/month. Contact Alex Burnstein or me at 248-353-9030, or email

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