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Give the Gift of 'Appiness This Holiday

If you are a business owner and have yet to buy gifts for your loyal customers/clients or important business partners, do not fret.  There is an app for that!  An increasing number of businesses are turning to mobile applications for their holiday gift giving strategy, and with good reason.  Smartphones have already taken over the world and now the apps on smartphones seem to be accomplishing the same feat.

Paired with either an iTunes or Google Play gift card, a recommended list of mobile apps is a great way to give a unique gift that your customers have not received before.  It is probably a good idea to get to know your clients well enough to be able to recommend a few specific apps that will appeal to their interests.  But, even if you do not know your customers that well, you can still give personalized apps by recommending ones that are relevant for their company's industry.

This is a great way to show appreciation to your customers, as well as partners, during the holiday season while avoiding the impersonal touch of gift cards only.  A personalized message and a recommended list will show your clients that you really care and did not just slap something together in the last moments.

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