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Disney to Use Wearable Technology in Toys

As wearables such as the Apple Watch gain in popularity, Disney has been inspired to incorporate this technology into their Avengers toys. Unlike a regular video game where you remain seated, these high-tech toys allow you to use modern technology while also using movement and imagination.  Disney is calling this new product Disney Playmation, and I’m not going to lie, it is making me wish I were a kid again!

The wearable toys use Bluetooth technology, gesture recognition, and cloud connectivity. What is really neat is that you do not need to be connected to the Internet, so you have the option to go outside and play instead of it being exclusively an indoor toy. The games associated with the toys primarily use audio to give directions and narrate the story. Users receive points for killing villains and following the narrator’s directions. There is also a multi-user mode, so kids can play with friends.

Disney Playmation also gives you the option to register your toy with an accompanying app, where scores can be accessed and allow users to unlock new features. This product is great for kids whos parents want to get them up and moving without taking away the excitement of digital technology. Talk about innovative. I just might need to get one of these for myself.

Source: Mashable

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