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How Mobile Technology Is Affecting Public Transit

Purchasing tickets for any event or transportation in person is a thing of the past. I, for one, know that when I purchase a plane ticket or a concert ticket, I conveniently do so on my smartphone. It is fast and extremely easy, so what businesses wouldn’t want to jump on board?

According to, only a few transit agencies have embraced the technology so far. Since the mid ‘90’s public transportation has grown significantly from those who had to use public transit, to those who are making the choice to use it.  To keep what they are now calling “choice riders” coming back, they must offer a reliable ride that is also convenient. The way to do this is mobile ticketing.

TriMet is one of the first to use mobile ticketing for buses and trains. After a year, they have sold nearly 1 million mobile tickets. With the convenience of being able to purchase a ticket anytime, and anywhere, it is truly a win-win for riders, as well as the public transit agencies.

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