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A Taste of Apple’s New Patents


Recently, Apple has acquired a slew of new patents that could eventually make its way onto the iPhone. According to Mashable, the U.S. Patent and Trademark office has approved the “Track My Friends” feature. This new feature would let users monitor others’ locations in real time. It will also work hand-in-hand with Apple’s existing “Find My Friends” tool.

What is really neat about this potential feature is that you can open a maps app on your device, and share the path you are travelling with a friend who might want to take the same route. This would be extremely convenient for those who are travelling together in multiple vehicles.

Apple was also approved for a patent related to a new phone camera. This would be for a three-sensor, light splitting camera. These types of cameras would result in a higher resolution, especially when it comes to video capabilities.

We are still unsure if Apple will actually use these technologies, but it was a smart choice to act on it quickly before someone else catches on to these interesting ideas.

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