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5 Ways to Promote Your App on-Air

by: Bob Kernen

We frequently get calls from our clients asking why nobody is downloading their apps anymore. Our response is always the same, “How are you promoting it?” Promotion. Obvious, right? But usually, the response is, “Oh, were we supposed to do that?” Typically a station promotes their app when it’s new, which makes sense, but it’s really something that needs to be done both creatively and on a consistent basis. In order to drive those extra listening occasions you have to regularly remind your listeners not just that your app exists, but why it’s useful to them.

In that spirit, here are some ways to promote your app on air.

• “Take us with you” – the best thing about mobile apps is that they’re, well, mobile. So it’s easy for your listener to take your station to places they might not normally think of. Let’s face it, people used to have radios everywhere. Not so much anymore. Whether it’s at home, in the gym, or on a run, lots of people don’t have a radio there. But you can bet they have their smartphone. So remind ‘em:

          o “Take us with you to the gym on our mobile app.”
          o “Drop your smartphone into your home listening system and pull up the <station name> app.”

• Create occasions for interaction and then talk about ‘em – Think of the listener’s smartphone as your custom tool for engaging them. Start a conversation and drive them to tweet you, or send a text. Post a piece of content on your app or to your Instagram account and send them there. Any chance to get ‘em to pull out that smartphone, use it.

• Listen on the road – If you have a signal that doesn’t get into every nook and cranny of your market, remind your users that if they can’t pick you up over the air, chances are, they can dial you in on their smartphone. And if you have listeners who frequently travel out of your broadcast area for vacation, remind them to take your station with you, whether it’s to the Hamptons, the lakes or Up North, your station can go with them.

• Content extras – Send your users to the app to get more content about what you’re talking about on-air. “Go see today’s rock girl,” or “Check the community calendar” or “weather when you need it on our app.”

• On-demand listening – Your listeners miss a lot! Most people’s commute won’t cover your entire morning show, so put that content into a podcast and put it on your app. Encourage your listener on-air in the morning to listen to the last hour of the morning show on the way home. Remind them exactly what they want to hear is there for them 24/7 on the app.

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