Connected Car Mobile Apps

Car Device Will Help Drivers Stay out of Harms Way

There are a plethora of expensive vehicles out there that are fully equipped with gadgets such as cameras, sensors, and other technologies. Not everyone can afford the cars that come with all of these extras, but a new device has recently emerged for those who do not have a technologically savvy form of transportation.

An Indiegogo campaign has been launched for the CarVi, a device that is to be mounted on a car windshield and communicates via ones smart phone. The CarVi analyzes video footage captured by the device, ultimately looking for any signs of danger ahead. It is designed to look out for any collision risks, unsafe driving (including lane changes), and other forms of dangerous driving behavior. When the device detects any form of reckless driving or danger ahead, it will alert the driver while also analyzing the situation, so the driver can further understand how to fix poor driving habits.

According to Venture Beat News, “Automakers may be jealous of an app that adds connected car technology so easily.” The article also states that the CarVi is expected to sell for around $300. This device is shaping out to be something to definitely keep an eye on in the coming months.

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